Massage Therapy

Neck, shoulders & back massage
A customized upper body massage using moderate to deep pressure. Providing optimal results in tension relief and stress reduction. Focusing on the most common areas of pain and discomfort to remove lactic acid and elk ate chronic knots. Increases circulation and flushes the immune system.
30 min.- $35
50 min.- $55
Swedish massage
Full body massage using light to moderate pressure for ultimate relaxation. Classic techniques are incorporated to induce ultimate stress relief and reduce tension. Increases circulation and also flushing the immune system.
50 min.- $55
80 min.- $80
Deep Tissue massage
Full body massage using moderate to deep pressure. Therapeutic techniques to relieve muscular tension and chronic pain while increasing circulation. Releases lactic acid from muscles to encourage optimal relief and relaxation.
50 min.- $65
80 min.- $90
Warm Stone massage
Full body massage using light to moderate pressure. Deep therapeutic heat from the stones offer restorative effects to muscles. Gliding stones over the body in a therapeutic manner relieves tension while soothing mind and body.
50 min.- $65
80 min.- $85
Prenatal massage
Full body massage using light to moderate pressure. Alleviates expecting mother's physical and emotional tension. Relieves water retention, muscle aches and everyday fatigue. Only offered in 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Please consult doctor prior to appointment for approval.
30 min.- $35
50 min.- $55
Couples massages
Full body massages side by side with your significant other. Contact spa for availablitly
50 min.- $120
80 min.- $170

Cupping massage/Initial assessment session
cupping therapy on multiple areas of the body - assessment of various issues
50 min.- $45

Cupping massage
target treatment on problem areas - after initial assessment
30 min.- $20

Face lift massage session
skin lightly cleansed-facial oil applied - cupping applied gently to all facial areas to allow for increased collagen production, elasticity and wrinkle reduction - luxurious facial cream finish.  Best results occur in 6-8 sessions
30 min.- $20

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