The Gentlemen's Spa Services

The Gentlemen's Manicure- $18
Created just for men, this manicure includes nail trimming & shaping,
cuticle repair, scrub for dry areas of skin & lotion to finish up service.
The Gentlemen's Pedicure- $32
Created just for men, this pedicure includes nail trimming & shaping, callus & rough skin removal with heel and sole filing. Pedicure offers the ability for men to have nice feet and still be manly.
Gentlemen's Swedish massage 50 min- $50
Massage using light to moderate pressure, main benefits of massage
include relaxation and relieving minor aches & pains.
Gentlemen's Deep Tissue massage 50 min- $65
Massage using moderate to deep pressure, main benefits of this massage is to work out deep knots & chronic pain areas. Relieve muscular tension, flush out toxins in lymphatic system 
Gentlemen's Neck, Shoulders & Back massage
30 min- $35
50 min- $55
Massage using light to moderate pressure & focusing on upper body. These areas usually harbor the most chronic pain and trigger points.
Also increasing flexibility & range of motion through neck and shoulder areas.
Gentlemen's Warm Stone massage 50 min- $60
The warmth of the stones helps therapist to work deeper into the muscular areas to relieve deep muscular tension. Using a light to moderate pressure. Heat therapy of stones is relaxing and very therapeutic.

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